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Fire Alarm

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is our top priority at Elite Electric Solutions. Our licensed electricians are equipped to handle all your electrical safety needs, from thorough inspections to efficient repairs and upgrades. We understand the importance of a safe and reliable electrical system, and we are dedicated to delivering prompt and professional services that exceed your expectations. Trust us to ensure the safety and functionality of your property. Contact us today for peace of mind.

Emergency and Safety Devices:

  • Exit and Emergency Lighting:
    • Installation of emergency lighting to illuminate exit paths in the event of a power outage or emergency.

  • Smoke detectors:
    • Installation of smoke detectors to detect the presence of smoke in your home or business and provide an early warning of fire.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors:
    • Installation of carbon monoxide detectors to detect the presence of carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that is odorless and colorless.

  • Heat detectors:
    • Installation of heat detectors to detect excessive heat or fires in areas where smoke detectors are not suitable.

  • Interconnected smoke detectors:
    • Installation of smoke detectors that are interconnected so that if one alarm sounds, all alarms will sound.

Door Chimes:

  • Door Chimes:
    • Installation of door chimes to alert you when someone enters or exits your home or business.

  • Video Door Chimes:
    • Installation of video door chimes to provide additional security and monitoring capabilities.

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