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Lighting under cabinet


Elite Electric Solutions offers a wide range of expert lighting services for both homes and businesses. The benefits of choosing Elite Electrical Solutions for lighting needs include improved energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and better lighting quality. Elite Electric Solutions provides lighting installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections to ensure that lighting is always functioning properly and safely. Customers can expect high-quality service from experienced and certified professionals who are dedicated to providing expert solutions and exceptional results.

Indoor Lighting:

  • LED Recess Lighting:
    • Installation of energy-efficient LED recessed lighting for a modern and stylish look in your home or business.

  • Ballast replacements:
    • Replacement of ballasts to ensure proper function of fluorescent lighting systems.

  • Lighting retrofit to LED:
    • Upgrade to LED lighting for energy savings and improved lighting quality.

  • Install customer supplied fixtures:
    • Installation of lighting fixtures that you have already purchased.

  • Under Cabinet Lighting:
    • Installation of lighting fixtures underneath kitchen cabinets or in other areas where additional lighting is needed.

  • Toe Kick Lighting:
    • Installation of lighting fixtures near the floor level for added safety and ambiance.

Outdoor Lighting:

  • Outdoor Lighting:
    • Installation of outdoor lighting fixtures for added safety and security, as well as improved curb appeal.

  • Outdoor LED Wallpack:
    • Installation of energy-efficient LED wallpacks for outdoor lighting needs.

  • Parking Lot Lighting:
    • Installation of lighting fixtures in parking lots for safety and security purposes.

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