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Specialty Services

Elite Electric Solutions provides a wide range of specialty electrical services for residential and commercial customers, including the installation of EVSE, generators, ceiling fans, and automatic lighting controls. The company also offers wiring installation for home theaters, diagnostics and testing, electrical safety checks, and outdoor installations. With experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring safe and proper installation, Elite Electric Solutions provides reliable and high-quality specialty electrical services. Contact Elite Electric Solutions today to schedule your appointment and experience exceptional service for your specialty electrical needs.

Electrical Installations:

  • Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (commercial and residential):
    • Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in both commercial and residential settings.

  • Generac Generator install and maintenance (commercial and residential):
    • Installation and maintenance of generators for backup power in both commercial and residential settings.

  • Ceiling Fans:
    • Installation of ceiling fans to provide additional air circulation and cooling.

  • Fan Rated Boxes:
    • Installation of fan rated boxes to ensure safe and proper installation of ceiling fans.


Data and Sensor Installations:

  • Voice and Data Circuits:
    • Installation of voice and data circuits for telephone and internet connections.

  • Photoelectric Controls:
    • Installation of photoelectric controls for automatic lighting control based on light levels.

  • Infrared Sensors:
    • Installation of infrared sensors for automatic lighting control based on motion detection.

Electrical Maintenance and Safety:

  • Diagnostics and Testing:
    • Diagnostics and testing of electrical systems to ensure safety and proper function.

  • Circuit Restoration:
    • Restoration of damaged or faulty electrical circuits to ensure proper function.

  • Advanced Diagnostic:
    • Advanced diagnostics and testing of electrical systems for more complex issues.

  • Electrical Safety Check:
    • Comprehensive safety check of electrical systems to identify potential hazards.

Outdoor Electrical Installations:

  • Trenching and Backfill:
    • Trenching and backfilling services for outdoor electrical installations.

  • Permits:
    • Assistance with obtaining necessary permits for outdoor electrical installations.

  • Low Voltage Wiring (Garage Door Openers):
    • Installation of low voltage wiring for garage door openers.

  • Wiring for Woodworking shops:
    • Installation of wiring for woodworking shops to power machinery and tools.

  • Wiring for air compressors:
    • Installation of wiring for air compressors to power tools and equipment.

  • Camper outlets:
    • Installation of electrical outlets for campers and RVs.

  • Hot Tub and Pool Outlets:
    • Installation of electrical outlets for hot tubs and pools.​

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