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Elite Electric Solutions offers a wide range of expert lighting services for both homes and businesses. We provide lighting installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections to ensure that lighting is always functioning properly and safely.

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Lighting under cabinet

Indoor Lighting

LED Recess Lighting

Installation of energy-efficient LED recessed lighting for a modern and stylish look in your home or business.

Lighting retrofit to LED

Upgrade to LED lighting for energy savings and improved lighting quality.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installation of lighting fixtures underneath kitchen cabinets or in other areas where additional lighting is needed.

Ballast replacements

Replacement of ballasts to ensure proper function of fluorescent lighting systems.

Install customer supplied fixtures

Installation of lighting fixtures that you have already purchased.

Toe Kick Lighting

Installation of lighting fixtures near the floor level for added safety and ambiance.

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Installation of outdoor lighting fixtures for added safety and security, as well as improved curb appeal.

Outdoor LED Wallpack

Installation of energy-efficient LED wallpacks for outdoor lighting needs.

Parking Lot Lighting

Installation of lighting fixtures in parking lots for safety and security purposes.

Outdoor Lighting by a walkway
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